The Anatomy of Financial Crime Through the Lens of IT Systems

Presented by: Marie Kerr, President, Shamrock Consulting Services

Virtually all things in this world are controlled by software—applications that drive our businesses and our lives.  In these apps, however, lie the seeds of misuse, abuse and outright fraud.  In this webinar you will learn how apps can be used to effect financial crime, where to find the clues for detection and when apps are most susceptible to manipulation.  This webinar will walk you through the implementation steps of a commercial application for fraud detection and show how easy it is to create a door to insider fraud and to not find what you think you’re looking for. Topics covered in this presentation include:

§  The actors, their roles and knowledge gaps

§  Apps, apps and more apps:  how to identify the key ones required to detect fraud

§  Configuration/modification/customization:  how a single “slip” can have enormous consequences

§  Interfaces, standardized file formats and mapping data:  how “x” becomes “y”

§  Analytics and how the wrong data provide null sets

§  The post-implementation dead zone


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