The Fraud State of the Union for 2021 – Key Trends and What’s Next

For financial criminals of all stripes, the proverbial state of the union is strong in 2021. The digital acceleration triggered by the pandemic, massive fraud schemes targeting government relief programs, and the faster adoption of real-time payments have all created huge opportunities for savvy fraudsters, in the US and internationally.

Yet there’s reasons to be optimistic on the fincrime compliance side. With new tech tools and creativity, financial institutions are moving away from a reactive approach – waiting and detecting fraudulent transactions – to a proactive approach to interdicting fraud.

Join experts Andrew Corbett and David Schneiderman, consultants with NICE Actimize, for a free-wheeling and wide-ranging review of fraud trends over the past year and how we can prepare for a brighter 2022. You’ll hear insights on how to secure real-time payments platforms like Zelle, the importance of understanding customer behavior in fraud fighting, what’s keeping fraud officers up at night, and much more.

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