The Building Blocks of Perpetual KYC – AI-Driven Name Science, OSINT, and More

Some try to navigate life without being accountable for a decision. Yet decision-making – about customers, transactions, and behaviors – is at the heart of the risk-based approach, and financial crime compliance professionals are asked to make dozens or hundreds of decisions a day.

With negative news, sanctions and PEP risks piling up, the pace and scale of decision-making only seems to increase. Given this rate of change, many institutions are moving away from static or periodic risk assessments to more dynamic, and therefore more useful, ongoing or perpetual know your customer, or KYC. That’s more easily said than done.  

Fincrime professionals are being asked to manage this flood of decisioning in the risk-based approach, and innovate, and become more efficient, all at once. What are the ingredients for a successful shift to perpetual KYC?

Join Graham Bailey, COO of Quantifind, for an engaging conversation on the building blocks of perpetual KYC. Learn how leveraging public private partnerships for defining risk, AI-driven name science and worldwide open source intelligence can enable a risk based approach that will scale for your organization, and enhance risk coverage for all of the customer base.

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