Crypto Compliance Specialization

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Crypto Compliance Specialization

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Providing professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage financial crime risks in cryptocurrency and virtual assets


Cryptocurrencies are a dynamic technology and promising tool for global finance, and inevitably, have their own criminal applications and distinct risks.

As usage increases and crypto becomes intertwined with the existing financial services sector, a growing number of professionals need an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency financial crime risks, the operations of virtual asset service providers, and key compliance, investigative and regulatory considerations.

The Crypto Compliance Specialization will provide exactly that. It enables professionals to identity fincrime risks posed by cryptocurrencies, understand compliance controls, and navigate the evolving regulatory framework around crypto.


  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Use-cases of Cryptocurrency
  • Developments in Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Crime and Risk Typologies
  • Transaction Monitoring and Compliance
  • FATF Recommendations and the Regulatory Future


  • Crypto Compliance Specialization Study Manual
  • 6-hour Instructor-led Preparation Course Recording
  • Practice Question Bank
  • 2 Exam Attempts
  • Digital Badge and Certificate

The specialization is designed for those with mid-level experience in compliance, investigations, and enforcement at a wide variety of roles and institutions. . Key concepts and elements of the underlying technologies will be covered in the specialization with a focus on managing financial crime risks in crypto. It is a robust overview for roles at financial institutions (especially banks, MSBs and securities firms) and VASPs.

Some examples include:

- Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) officers, managers, and analysts
- AML Officers, managers, directors, analysts
- Directors, analysts, and other roles in the FIU
- Chief compliance officers
- Internal and external auditors
- Fraud managers, investigators, and analysts
- Professionals in threat intelligence roles
- Law enforcement
- Regulators
- Investigators or analysts in intelligence agencies or military with a nexus to financial crime

The Crypto Compliance Specialization is eligible for 6 CFCS credits. Users receive a certificate of completion and Digital Badge upon finishing the course and review questions.

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The specialization introduces financial crime professionals to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and demonstrates that there is a great deal of overlap between how crime is detected and prevented in the traditional financial system, and in the cryptocurrency industry.

Takeaways related to the Crypto Compliance Specialization:

  • Provides a deeper understanding of how cryptocurrencies connect to the wider financial system
  • Explains how to effectively manage financial crime risks related to cryptocurrency
  • Explains the overlap in crime detection and prevention between the financial system and cryptocurrency industry
  • Covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrency including:
    • Retail and business use-cases of cryptocurrency
    • Criminal risk typologies
    • Essentials of blockchain investigations and compliance programs
    • Key regulatory frameworks




Do I have to apply for the program?

No, application is not necessary to register for the program.

Are there any prerequisites for admission into the program?

No, anyone may register for the program. However, please refer to the “Who Should Take the Specialization” section of this document for recommendations on roles and experience.

Do I need to be a member of ACFCS to register for the program?

No, membership is not a required to register for the program.


Do I have to complete all the components of the program to sit for the exam?

Yes, we recommend that you complete the program in its entirety prior to sitting for the examination.

Do I get credits for the self-study portion of the program?

No, only the instructor-led training component of the program is available for credits.

How does the program compare to other courses that Chainalysis offers?

Crypto Compliance Specialization caters to financial crime compliance professionals seeking an overview to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-specific financial crime, compliance and anti-money laundering concerns, and essential regulatory considerations surrounding cryptocurrency outside of anti-money laundering. Crypto Compliance Specialization presumes some level of familiarity with the financial world and anti-money laundering, then relates that knowledge specifically to cryptocurrency. Chainalysis training courses are technically detailed and subject matter/product specific, and many of the Chainalysis courses are designed specifically to teach students how to use Chainalysis tools.

My organization uses crypto software from a provider that is not Chainalysis, would this course still be relevant?

Absolutely! This is not a Chainalysis product-specific training. Rather, this program draws on Chainalysis cryptocurrency research and expertise and the anti-money laundering expertise of ACFCS, applying established AML/CTF principles to the new world of cryptocurrency technology.

Study Manual

Am I able to download the study manual?

Yes, the study manual is available for download.

Preparation Course

What if I am unable to participate in the preparation course?

The training will be recorded and made available to all participants upon its completion.

Is the live prep course required to pass the exam?

We encourage participants to attend the live course to aid with their preparation for the exam; however, attendance is not a requirement of the program.

Is it possible to extend training access beyond the 9-month period?

Yes, an extension is available to those who need it and gives 2 additional months of access at a $100 fee.


What is the passing score for the Crypto Compliance Specialization examination?

The passing score is 75.

Will I get my exam results right away?

Yes, exam results are available immediately upon completion of the exam.

How many attempts do I have to pass the exam?

You may sit the exam as many times as you would like. However, there is a 60-day waiting period after every third exam attempt.

Continuing Education

Do I have to recertify for the specialization?

Continuing education and recertification are not required.

See What Certified Financial Crime Specialists Are Saying

"The CFCS tests the skills necessary to fight financial crime. It's comprehensive. Passing it should be considered a mark of high achievement, distinguishing qualified experts in this growing specialty area."


(JD, Washington)

"It's a vigorous exam. Anyone passing it should have a great sense of achievement."


(CFCS, Official Superior

de Cumplimiento Cidel

Bank & Trust Inc. Nueva York)

"The exam tests one's ability to apply concepts in practical scenarios. Passing it can be a great asset for professionals in the converging disciplines of financial crime."


(CFCS, Royal Band of

Canada, Montreal)

"The Exam is far-reaching. I love that the questions are scenario based. I recommend it to anyone in the financial crime detection and prevention profession."


(CFCS, CAMS Lead Compliance

Trainer, FINRA, Member Regulation

Training, Washington, DC)

"This certification comes at a very ripe time. Professionals can no longer get away with having siloed knowledge. Compliance is all-encompassing and enterprise-driven."

Director, Global Risk
& Investigation Practice
FTI Consulting, Los Angeles