Learning Portal System Requirements

This page outlines the browser and system requirements, as well as some limitations of your Learning Portal.
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Supported Desktop Browsers
Internet Explorer (IE11)^
Microsoft Edge *
Mozilla Firefox *
Google Chrome *
Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 8 (or higher)**
OSX (Last two major releases)
Most Linux Distributions

Supported Mobile Operating Systems
iOS 9 ***
Android 6.0 ***

Browser Settings
JavaScript must be enabled
Cookies must be enabled
LocalStorage must be enabled

* Browser notes:

Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari follow a continuous release policy that makes difficult to fix a minimum version. For this reason, following the market recommendation we will support the last 2 major version of each of these browsers. Please note that as of January 2018, we do not support Safari on Windows.


*** Note for use on Mobile Devices:

If you are using a smartphone, you can only access your learning platform by using the Go.Learn app. If you are using a tablet, you can use either the Go.Learn app or you can access the desktop version of your LMS via the mobile browser. However, note that regardless of how you access your learning platform on a mobile device, you can only access the learner view. No Administrator functionality is supported on the Go.Learn app, nor on the browser version of the learning platform from your tablet.

^ Note for Internet Explorer 11:

The CFCS Learning portal will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in January 2020.