‘Those Darkest Hours’: The Future of National Security with Jim Dinkins

From the financial flows behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to the modern focus on state-sponsored cybercrime, financial crime has become inextricably linked to national security over the last 20 years.

During that entire time, James “Jim” Dinkins has been at the vanguard of the intersection of national security, border security, organized crime, narco trafficking, global trade and terrorist financing. Dinkins helped establish US Homeland Security Investigations and served as the agency’s first director, capping off a long and distinguished 30-year career in federal law enforcement.

Now President of Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS), an independent subsidiary of news, information and technology heavyweight Thomson Reuters, Dinkins employs his analytical mindset and investigative skillset to better calculate and mitigate fincrime risks.

In this episode of the Financial CrimeCast, he brings his years of experience to bear on the evolution of national security in the U.S., and how it connects to the future of financial crime compliance. Listen to hear insights on key areas of national security focus in the near future, the vital importance of public-private partnership in combating cyber risks, how social media has become the new frontier for terrorists, and much more.

Listen Here: