Why Case Management is so Important for Financial Crime Investigations

With the acceleration of payments and digital finance, financial services are speeding up, but fraudsters are keeping the pace. As financial institutions grapple with faster fraud, slow-moving and manual investigative processes and a lack of real-time data are key sticking points. Are fraud case management systems moving at the speed of fraud? In this episode […]

The Double-Edged Sword of Mobile Banking

Adoption of mobile banking was already accelerating prior to the pandemic, but the disruption emerging from the onset of COVID-19 has put the pedal to the metal. For younger generations, mobile-first banking is increasingly the norm, with Gen-Z favoring the mobile channel at 56%. Does increased mobile banking inevitably lead to increased fraud at financial […]

Banking’s Future in the Crypto-sphere

Are crypto assets, blockchain and emerging technologies fundamentally transforming the world of financial crime and finance? Despite recent market disruption and lingering fraud risks, crypto remains an increasingly popular alternative to traditional banking for many. Around 22 percent of American adults have invested in, traded or used cryptocurrencies. As it continues to grow in popularity, […]

The Building Blocks of Perpetual KYC – AI-Driven Name Science, OSINT, and More

Some try to navigate life without being accountable for a decision. Yet decision-making – about customers, transactions, and behaviors – is at the heart of the risk-based approach, and financial crime compliance professionals are asked to make dozens or hundreds of decisions a day. With negative news, sanctions and PEP risks piling up, the pace […]

Sanctions Screening: Going Beyond the Lists

We’re now eight months into the year, and sanctions imposed on Russian entities and individuals have continued at a brisk pace. In just the past two weeks, the US has imposed a raft of new sanctions on oligarchs and suspected associates of Russia president Vladmir Putin, while the EU has targeted a number of individuals […]

Scaling Sanctions Programs Without Increasing Compliance Spend – Is It Possible?

The last eight weeks have seen new sanctions issued at a breakneck pace. Implementing these new sanctions programs, and dealing with the ever increasing volumes of sanctions alerts that come with these new programs, can have huge repercussions for businesses who aren’t equipped to deal with this new normal. Lately, the result has been overburdened […]

The Next Wave of Identity Risk: Changes to Identity Verification

Fraud and financial crime professionals, brace for impact: 2021 was a record-breaking year for data breaches. Identity fraud inevitably follows data breaches, meaning financial crime specialists need to be ready for the next big wave of identity theft and risk. As identity fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated, coupled with more exposed data available via the Dark […]

New ESG Regulatory Challenges for Financial Institutions

AML, KYC, CFT… and now ESG? When it comes to effective financial crime compliance programs, environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) is not just another in the seemingly endless number of acronyms. While the connections may not always seem obvious, institutions globally are taking a hard look at how financial crime programs connect to and […]

Can Russia Use Crypto to Evade Sanctions?

An ACFCS Emerging Risks Interview In the inaugural interview of the ACFCS Emerging Risks series, we sit down with Ari Redbord, Head of Legal and Government Affairs at TRM Labs, to explore a critically important question in the financial crime arena – can Russian entities and oligarchs targeted by sanctions use cryptocurrencies to evade asset […]

‘Those Darkest Hours’: The Future of National Security with Jim Dinkins

From the financial flows behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to the modern focus on state-sponsored cybercrime, financial crime has become inextricably linked to national security over the last 20 years. During that entire time, James “Jim” Dinkins has been at the vanguard of the intersection of national security, border security, organized crime, narco trafficking, […]