ACFCS announces recipients of certification scholarships for professionals in crypto roles

Recipients chosen from more than 300 applicants globally to support professionals addressing financial crime risk in the burgeoning cryptocurrency space

In the financial crime arena, few topics have generated as much concern and confusion in recent years as cryptocurrencies. Alternately hailed as the future of finance and derided as a dodgy money laundering risk, the crypto world has persisted through the hype and the hate to carve out a space in the legitimate financial system. At this point, a working knowledge of cryptocurrencies is essential for nearly any financial crime professional.

Against that backdrop, the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists launched a scholarship program for individuals in roles combating financial crime risk in the crypto realm as part of its “Quarterly Focus” on cryptocurrencies. The scholarship offers complimentary registration for the Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) certification, the full suite of prep materials, and a year of membership in ACFCS.

After receiving over 300 applications from professionals across 20 countries, ACFCS is proud to announce the 25 recipients of its scholarships. Those chosen for the scholarship submitted applications with compelling professional and often personal experience related to cryptocurrencies.

The winners come from a wide array of professions, industries and geographic areas, including seasoned compliance professionals at crypto exchanges in the US and Canada, crypto investigators in law enforcement in the US and UK, and traditional financial institutions with a nexus to crypto. These recipients reflect the diversity of roles, actors and skill sets needed to properly understand and address the financial crime risks in this emerging field. ACFCS prioritized applicants in regulatory and law enforcement roles, and those still relatively new in their careers.

“As an association, we are dedicated to helping professionals be ready for the future of financial crime,” ACFCS President Joseph Yerant said. “Cryptocurrencies are a financial technology of growing importance, and we have an obligation to support organizations and professionals working to ensure that financial crime threats are confronted head on as the crypto space expands.”

The full list of scholarship recipients is below. ACFCS will be running in-depth profiles on these professionals in the coming weeks.

First Last Organization Title
Simon Butler Royal Holloway,
University of London
PhD Cyber
Security Researcher
Steven Carter South East Regional
Organised Crime Unit
Detective Constable,
Cyber Financial Investigator
Brian Cleary Bank of America
Merrill Lynch
Project Manager
(Strategic and Industry Initiatives)
Shawndra Collins Coinbase Investigations Analyst
Kolade Falua Square Sanctions Lead
Yaya Fanusie Center for a New
American Security
Zachary Figueroa bitFlyer USA, Inc. Legal Advisor
Seth Greene Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Police Department
Financial Crimes Supervisor
Rochelle Keyhan Collective Liberty CEO
Felix Lomahan Signature Bank Senior Compliance /
FIU Analyst
Andrew MacKay HSBC Malta Country Head of
Financial Crime Threat Mitigation
Kristine Markus Commerzbank AG Assistant Vice President,
Deputy Head of Information
Management at Global
Financial Crime Unit
Daniel McSweeney Internal Revenue
Revenue Officer
John Medina Circle Internet Financial AML Analyst
Leah Myer Human Trafficking
Justice Project
Founder and Senior Researcher
Farris Moore Homeland Security
Special Agent
Marie-Noel Nsana Industrial and
Commercial Bank of China  
VP, AML Compliance
Quality Analyst  
Bo Oney Coinsource Chief Compliance Officer  
Amr Rashed Egyptian Money
Laundering and
Terrorist Financing
Combating Unit
Head of International Cooperation  
Sergii   Rybchenko   Council of Europe   Senior Project Officer
Stephen Brent   Sargeant   Bitfinex   AML Investigator  
Stanley Small Financial Intelligence
Centre of South Africa  
Financial Crime Analyst  
Alysha   Tierney   City of New York
Police Department  
Intelligence Research
Gilbert   Valentine   Athena Bitcoin   Chief Compliance Officer
Nick Wright South East Regional
Organised Crime Unit
(SEROCU) Cyber Crime
Detective Constable