Sanctions Screening: Going Beyond the Lists

We’re now eight months into the year, and sanctions imposed on Russian entities and individuals have continued at a brisk pace. In just the past two weeks, the US has imposed a raft of new sanctions on oligarchs and suspected associates of Russia president Vladmir Putin, while the EU has targeted a number of individuals and the Russian gold sector. The impacts on financial institutions continue to be wide-ranging and substantial, from transaction monitoring to business operations and services.

Rising to this sanctions compliance challenge starts with a strong screening program, but that’s not enough in and of itself. It’s essential to look beyond current sanctions lists to truly manage a firm’s exposure.

To understand how, hear perspectives and guidance from Alex Pillow, the Director of Market Strategy with Moody’s Analytics KYC. He brings insights from working with financial institutions around the globe to discuss the importance of understanding indirect ownership and control, how individuals circumvent sanctions, and the need for accurate and up-to-date information and data for sanctions screening.

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