Scaling Sanctions Programs Without Increasing Compliance Spend – Is It Possible?

The last eight weeks have seen new sanctions issued at a breakneck pace.

Implementing these new sanctions programs, and dealing with the ever increasing volumes of sanctions alerts that come with these new programs, can have huge repercussions for businesses who aren’t equipped to deal with this new normal. Lately, the result has been overburdened teams, the potential for needlessly blocked customers, and the risk of regulatory fines.

The rate of change and the scale of the sanctions challenge make a compelling argument for using machine learning and AI – but how to utilize these technologies, and can they actually help firms respond in a timely manner?

Join Daniel Hazel, WorkFusion’s Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management, as we explore how machine learning and “virtual workers” can help institutions respond to “black swan” events in the sanctions space, and how to use these technologies to provide some relief to overworked employees in sanctions programs.

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