Common compliance failures in correspondent banking: Strong corporate cultures vital

In this Financial Crimecast, “Common Compliance Failures in Correspondent Banking,” Managing Director of ManchesterCF Kim Manchester discusses some of the characteristics of money laundering and terrorist financing issues within international correspondent banking.  The discussion centers on not just common financial crime compliance failures but the importance of corporate cultures within both correspondent and respondent banks.  Special emphasis is placed on how respondent banks can maintain relationships with correspondent banks.




About the presenter: ManchesterCF was founded by Kim R. Manchester in 2004 to provide financial crime risk management training programs and advisory services to financial institutions and public-sector agencies. Prior to establishing ManchesterCF, Kim held senior positions in corporate banking, institutional banking and capital markets at one of the world’s largest international banks, spending almost a decade in Hong Kong and Singapore. Kim has developed AML and ATF training programs that have been implemented by major international banks and government branches. He has managed diverse projects in a variety of business cultures, from in-house advisory for FIUs in emerging markets to operations re-engineering for banks across multiple time zones.

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