Vic Maculaitis

Vic Maculaitis (Chapter Advisor) is the Founder and Co-Managing Partner of i3strategies, a strategy consultant that advises financial institutions, investors, and FCRM solutions providers. After starting his career in the USG after 9/11, Vic entered the private sector in 2006 and has served as a board-appointed Chief AML Officer at both FDIC and OCC supervised banks. Vic has done five in-house tours of successfully remediating and transforming AML programs under regulatory scrutiny and/or enforcement. Vic has also been a principal advisor to numerous global bank clients during enforcement actions and congressional inquiries.

Vic was the Founding Partner of the Financial Crimes Advisory practice at AML RightSource, prior to the firm being acquired by Clarion Capital Partners. Vic subsequently founded and operated a data and tech startup for four years. An alum of UCLA Anderson School of Management, Vic also holds degrees from Walsh University and The University of Akron.