Tom Mangine

Tom Mangine (Chair) is Vice President, Capital Markets AML Global Risk & Special Investigations, US MLRO) at the Bank of Montreal.  His responsibilities include conducting Targeted and Enhanced Due Diligence (TEDD) investigations into clients, counterparties and correspondents; Conducting Public Sector-Private Sector Engagement efforts with Regulatory and Law Enforcement agencies around the world; advising members of Capital Markets regarding threats inherent in the geographies and industries in which they operate; and Conducting Site Visits with clients in high risk industries. Tom is also an Adjunct Professor at the Joint Special Operations University, where he teaches classes on terrorist-financing, money-laundering and cybersecurity.  In 2021, he became a volunteer Sports Integrity Officer, helping civic organizations and Ministries of Sport in Europe as well as South America investigate corruption in professional sports.

Tom joined the Bank after more than twenty years with the US Army where he served on six continents – including deployments to the Balkans, Central Asia, Horn of Africa, Middle East and North Africa. He earned a BS in Political Science from the United States Military Academy as well as an MA in International Relations and Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School.