Rio Miner

Rio Miner (Co-Chair) is the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/OFAC Training Manager for Bank of Hope, Rio ensures all Bank staff understand FinCrime regulatory requirements and risk management for the full customer lifecycle. In 2008, as an early member of the newly-formed Wells Fargo financial crimes program, Rio was a driving force for investigative standardization through innovative FinCrime staff training. Over the next 12+ years, Rio managed investigations, logistics & hiring, special projects, and ultimately served as the head of FinCrime training for the department. As liaison to all enterprise lines of business, he was instrumental in product launches of ‘new’ peer to peer payments such as Android Pay and Zelle. A Veteran’s hiring advocate, he has been instrumental in bringing Military, law enforcement, and Other Government and Intelligence professionals to the FinCrime field to embed the ‘intel’ mindset and enhance operational efficiency in FinCrime departments. A penchant for uncovering hidden facts and helping bust bad guys may have developed during his nine years of service as an Army officer, especially after studying and staffing the Intelligence training center at luscious Fort Huachuca, AZ. Using military intelligence principles to fight financial crime is more than a duty, it is a passion. Rio holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and is CFCS and CAMS certified.