Rich Lebel

Rich Lebel (Event Manager) is the Executive Director of the Transaction Record Analysis Center (TRAC), an organization that manages a financial transaction database, accessible to law enforcement only, and which contains global money service business remittance data. Additionally, TRAC provides training to law enforcement and the financial sector throughout the United States on detecting criminal activity found within the global remittance sector.

Prior to joining TRAC, Rich enjoyed a 22-year law enforcement career in the State of Connecticut and with the Phoenix Police Department, including time working on multiple task forces.  Rich’s investigative experience primarily included investigating large scale drug trafficking and money laundering organizations operating along the Southwest Border.   Rich has presented at law enforcement and financial conferences, both nationally and internationally, on methods utilized by criminal organizations to move illicit funds through the financial system.  Rich is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and earned a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University.