Olagoke Sayeed Salawu

Olagoke Sayeed Salawu (Vice President) is the Compliance Officer at Kora Payments Network, a FINTECH with operational bases in Nigeria, Kenya and Canada.

Olagoke oversees the Enterprise Compliance, Risk Management and Fraud Program. He also advises on information security, internal and system controls and business conduct/ethics.

Prior to his current role, Olagoke was a Regulatory and Financial Crimes Compliance Officer at Access Bank PLC; and held other compliance positions at Access Bank PLC. At Access Bank PLC, he was responsible for proactively generating multiple innovations & digitizations which embedded controls into business processes that helped the organisation avert regulatory infractions which led to several recognitions and awards.

He is a contributor to the CIBN (Charted institute of bankers of Nigeria) examination pool for the Reporting and Compliance course and a contributor to digests on Compliance advisory & Financial crimes.

He is an associate charted institute of Bankers in Nigeria (ACIB), a certified fraud examiner (CFE), a certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS), and a certified financial crimes specialist (CFCS).

He is an avid believer that the fight against financial crimes is a fight for ALL.