Det. Muhammad Mahdi Abubakar

Det. Muhammad Mahdi Abubakar (Assistant Secretary) is an Assistant Superintendent (ASE I) with the foremost anti-graft Agency in Nigeria, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission with more than 5 years professional experience.

As a Detective and Investigator in the EFCC, he has participated in the investigation of several high net individuals and organizations (both private and public sectors) involved in Economic Governance Crimes, Money Laundering, Cybercrime, Advance Fee Fraud, Bank Fraud, Counter Terrorism and General Investigation, Procurement Fraud, Investment Scams and others leading to the arrests and prosecution of suspects and the recovery of Billions of Naira as well as in other currencies, real estate and other forms of properties in favor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, sister agencies (international and local), individuals and organizations.

In the course of his duty, he has worked in the Special Task Force team of the EFCC and participated in investigations in partnership with the FBI, NCA and others, through Mutual Legal Assistance requests that yielded successful operations leading to arrests, recoveries and prosecution of criminals involved in different forms of crimes.

Det. Mahdi is currently acting as the Head of the Lagos Zonal Commander’s office, responsible for coordinating the activities of the zone, being the center of operations and regarded as the country’s busiest anti-graft office.

His experience was derived through self enhancement, trainings and certifications acquired from NCA, UNODC, FBI-NCFTA, AGA-Africa, NPF-ADC, SEC, and others.

Det. Mahdi is a graduate of the University of East London; he also obtained an MSc from the Asia Pacific University, Malaysia.