Are you just getting started with crypto or
simply don’t know where to begin?

These sites and resources can get you up to speed on how crypto works, how it’s used, and where risks lie.

Getting Started

Introductory Reading and Resources.

Bitcoin for Beginners
by Cointelegraph

A collection of useful guides on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies designed for those new to the space, covering everything from the basics of blockchain technology to the legal framework around crypto.

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Getting Started with

By the Bitcoin Foundation – A guide designed to help individuals use Bitcoin, it covers the basics including how to obtain a wallet, obtain cryptocurrencies, and transact with them.  It also covers how to accept bitcoin as payment.

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Banking Bitcoin-
Related Businesses

A Primer for Managing BSA/AML Risks – A whitepaper written for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, this is a non-technical read to understand the AML issues associated with cryptocurrencies and related regulations. 

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Going Deeper

Open-Source Educational Resources

Bitcoin Resource Page
by Jameson Lopp

Wide-ranging collection of information and resources for nearly any level of crypto experience, from beginner to advanced.

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Online Course on
Bitcoin and
Technologies, from
Princeton University

Offered through Coursera, this online course is a robust overview of the technical aspects of Bitcoin and beyond

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Stay Current

News, Updates, and Perspectives

Well informed news and guidance with a focus on financial crime compliance in the crypto-currency space.

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A well known and well regarded podcast in the crypto space.

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A far-reaching and comprehensive look at events, regulatory changes and other relevant news in the crypto space each quarter. Find reports on their resource page or view the 2019 Q1 report here.

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Practical Tools and Investigation

Tool to search Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum blockchains for addresses, transactions and blocks

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Tool to search crypto blockchains, with a wider range of cryptocurrencies available to be searched than Block Explorer.

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Tracks market capitalization, prices and other information on a large number of cryptocurrencies.

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