Jannies Burlingame

Jannies Burlingame (Treasurer) most recently served as the Executive Director of Internal Audit for Polaris Pharmaceutical Inc. and played a key role in achieving their Asia IPO by building the risk management framework from the ground up.  Her contributions resulted in reaching a successful level of regulatory compliance both domestically and internationally.  

Jannies is also the founder and Principal Consultant of SS&B Global Consulting Corporation, which specializes in delivering business solutions to Fortune 1000 Companies in the areas of risk and audit advisory.  Throughout her collective 20+ year tenure in audit which started with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jannies worked in a variety of industries including Bio-Pharmaceutical, Banking, Tech., Tele-communications, and Entertainment, either as a leader or key member of audit engagement team. 

A National James Burn Scholar from the University of Southern California Leventhal School of Accounting, as well as a proud Wolverine from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Business School, Jannies has a perpetual and insatiable desire for knowledge.

As a trilingual audit professional, Jannies has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, spearheading multilingual audits.  With 900+ hours of speaking experience, she has trained numerous global corporations on flowcharts, audit methodology, risk management, Sarbanes-Oxley/J-SOX, and Emotional/Cultural Intelligence (EI/CI).  She is most passionate about educating her fellow auditors on how to develop their EQ skills to become more valuable team members and leaders in the profession. 

Jannies’ dissertation topic is “Communication and Negotiation Tactics in the Virtual Setting.”  This topic is a combination of her passion in learning more about EI and applying it to improve communication strategies for business professionals.  Her plan is to publish a book on the topic based on her research.