ACFCS Dutch Chapter

The ACFCS Dutch Chapter is your direct link to the national organization. By joining our Chapter, you not only receive the benefit of both local and national membership, but you gain an entire network of individuals looking to enhance their financial crime careers.

Through education, training, certification and networking, the Dutch Chapter is helping to expand the global reach of ACFCS. Your membership will connect you with financial crime professionals locally and globally who wish to stay abreast of continuously changing financial crime trends and improve results in compliance, investigations and enforcement. 

Our Mission

‘’To create a holistic and innovative network of professionals for practical knowledge sharing, aiming to prevent and fight Financial Economic Crime.”

Our Vision

“To create a safe environment based on transparency and trust to inspire the community how to build a data driven and ethical society and prevent Financial Economic Crime.”

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ACFCS Dutch Chapter - Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk

Membership Director


ACFCS Dutch Chapter - Adriaan Kom, Chapter Treasurer and Communications Director

Adriaan Kom

Treasurer & Communications Director


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Fred Jekel – Bytes vs. Behaviour


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