Connect with local colleagues who share your passion for fighting financial crime


Connect with local colleagues who share your passion for fighting financial crime

The ACFCS Dutch Chapter is your direct link to the national organization. By joining our Chapter, you not only receive the benefit of both local and national membership, but you gain an entire network of individuals looking to enhance their financial crime careers.

Through education, training, certification and networking, the Dutch Chapter is helping to expand the global reach of ACFCS. Your membership will connect you with financial crime professionals locally and globally who wish to stay abreast of continuously changing financial crime trends and improve results in compliance, investigations and enforcement.


"To create a holistic and innovative network of professionals for practical knowledge sharing, aiming to prevent and fight Financial Economic Crime."


"To create a safe environment based on transparency and trust to inspire the community how to build a data driven and ethical society and prevent Financial Economic Crime."

Owen Strijland


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Owen Strijland (Co-Chair) started his career in 1999 as a general ICT consultant in the Healthcare and Finance domain, through his roles as a Change Advisor to the Executive Board for a large insurance/ banking company and his role as manager Risk Management he came in contact with a variety of Compliance and Risk topics where Information Management, digitization and the Delivery of tangible results were always key. For a global consultancy company, he has built a team of 40 risk professionals. His experience and motivation to analyze opportunities, start up, create and sell solutions, positively influences the group process to perform and get the best out of people. Today Owen is responsible for the Fintech industry solutions for Protiviti Benelux and is manager of the Digital Delivery Hub. His focus is on Technology, GRC, ERM and Operational Risk with a strong focus on Financial Crime management, his general business development responsibility is to make available all Protiviti services to the Fintech and Financial Services / Digital innovative organizations.

Owen has a seat in the Dutch Management Team of Protiviti, and the Global Digital team. Partner management of; Holland Fintech and BusinessForensics.

Perry Huijen


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Perry Huijgen (Secretary) is a Senior Risk & Compliance Consultant at Protiviti, based in Amsterdam, NL and holds a Master in Business Administration. Within his current role, Perry partners with management, board members and outside counsel to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and respond to situations of noncompliance. Perry areas of expertise include KYC/AML Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Non-Financial Risk Management and PSD2. Perry is a big FinTech and RegTech enthusiast and likes to deploy new technologies and innovations when helping companies to become compliant.

As a consultant working on various disciplines within the Financial Economic Crime spectrum, Perry was missing a platform that connected the various dots. As such, Perry is looking forward to contributing to a community which adopts a holistic approach to Financial Economic Crime.


Lotte van Meerten Headshot

Lotte van Meerten


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Lotte van Meerten (Co-Secretary) is the Compliance Officer for Van Lanschot Kempen Wealth Management based in Amsterdam, NL. Lotte has a Master in Investigative Criminology. Lotte has experience in building Anti-money laundering (AML) and Sanction programs, including defining policies, identifying risks, advisory, monitoring and training the operation. Additionally, Lotte is experienced in incident management and investigations.


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"The CFCS tests the skills necessary to fight financial crime. It's comprehensive. Passing it should be considered a mark of high achievement, distinguishing qualified experts in this growing specialty area."


(JD, Washington)

"It's a vigorous exam. Anyone passing it should have a great sense of achievement."


(CFCS, Official Superior

de Cumplimiento Cidel

Bank & Trust Inc. Nueva York)

"The exam tests one's ability to apply concepts in practical scenarios. Passing it can be a great asset for professionals in the converging disciplines of financial crime."


(CFCS, Royal Band of

Canada, Montreal)

"The Exam is far-reaching. I love that the questions are scenario based. I recommend it to anyone in the financial crime detection and prevention profession."


(CFCS, CAMS Lead Compliance

Trainer, FINRA, Member Regulation

Training, Washington, DC)

"This certification comes at a very ripe time. Professionals can no longer get away with having siloed knowledge. Compliance is all-encompassing and enterprise-driven."

Director, Global Risk
& Investigation Practice
FTI Consulting, Los Angeles