Crypto and the Legacy Financial Sector – One World or Worlds Apart?

Presented by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

By now, most in the financial crime compliance space (though certainly not all) have accepted that cryptocurrencies are not a passing fad or a scam but are here for the long haul.

That doesn’t mean they know exactly what to make of this brave new world of digital assets, however. Questions abound – What’s the current regulatory framework for crypto, and what is it likely to be in the next year? Is there such a thing as “good crypto” and “bad crypto?” What is a bank’s risk exposure to crypto, especially for the vast majority that don’t provide any direct services to crypto firms?

In this edition of the CrimeCast, two crypto experts and enthusiasts delve into these questions and much more. Join Doug McCalmont, Senior Solutions Consultant with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, in conversation with Steve Ryan, Chief Operating Officer with blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace, as they examine:

  • How banks are likely exposed to cryptocurrencies and their accompanying risks – Whether they know it or not
  • Risk-rating considerations for crypto firms – Or “red,” “yellow” and “green crypto
  • The regulatory outlook and likelihood of new regulations coming from US Treasury
  • How more regulation is likely to drive greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies

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