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ACFCS, leaders in broad-based financial crime prevention training, adds to its executive team

Anti-money laundering expert, Jon Elvin, takes on an expanded role at ACFCS as Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Impact.

Anti-money laundering expert, Jon Elvin, takes on an expanded role at ACFCS as Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Impact.

The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS), a CeriFi company, announced today that financial crimes and anti-money laundering (AML) expert and independent consultant, Jon Elvin, CFE, CAMS, who has been a member of our advisory board for several years, is taking an expanded role as Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Impact.

“We are excited to welcome Jon to the team,” said ACFCS President, Joseph Yerant. “He furthers the mission of ACFCS to deliver excellence in training to financial crime-fighting professionals by adding to our in-house subject matter expertise. Jon’s hands-on knowledge and experience in managing a first-in-class compliance program at PNC will be invaluable for ACFCS to develop the next level of impactful training to serve the community.”

Elvin has more than 30 years of experience and is a highly accomplished, forward-thinking risk management executive. He has held senior leadership positions within the financial industry, professional services, U.S. Government Intelligence, and is also retired from the U.S. Army/U.S. Army Reserves. Since 2004, he held top roles including Chief Bank Secrecy Act Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer for PNC Bank. His foresight and actions advanced-global programs, created unique visions for special investigation functions, fostered commitment to talent management, adoption of advanced analytics, and next-generation transaction monitoring concepts to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

“I’m so excited to work with this talented and dedicated group of professionals where the mission and vision of ACFCS is so impactful to financial crime fighters globally and the communities in which we live,” said Elvin. “I look forward to contributing, and along with ACFCS, collectively advancing value for the industry. The importance of developing holistic financial crimes professionals to meet emerging risks and changing technologies has never been higher.”

This comes at a time when the integrity and safety of the financial system are increasingly vulnerable as we face an unrelenting network of bad actors who easily adjust criminal typologies in an attempt to exploit real and perceived weaknesses and uncertainty. This is also shaped by the introduction of new and ever-changing financial instruments, companies, technologies, and regulations.

The call to action for our hard-working crime fighters across the industry and their organizations should be a commitment to adapt and “up-skill.” Elvin adds, “it is both individual contributors and corporate leaders that must recognize and seek out areas where skill development becomes table stakes to meet changing dynamics. Both constituents must be willing and have the courage to acknowledge this, provide time and resources to complete, and accountability to achieve. When your teams know you care enough to develop and invest in them, they return that effort in orders of magnitude positively impacting culture for decades.”

ACFCS remains committed to helping its members and the industry advance by creating relevant, value-added, and timely content, fostering knowledge sharing, and advancing member skills through newly created role-based learning, customized training tied into explicit learning objectives, and industry outreach. ACFCS remains open to individual, corporate, and public/private partnerships to help all achieve more together, ultimately building a stronger financial crime-fighting community.

ACFCS, a CeriFi company, founded in 2013, is a leader in broad-based financial crime prevention training and exam prep. ACFCS provides online, and live training guided by top worldwide experts on the latest industry developments in preparation for the CFCS certification exams. The CFCS certification affirms the competence of public and private-sector financial crime specialists who work in such areas as fraud, money laundering, corruption, and global asset recovery.

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