An Enterprise Membership program combining a variety of training resources to mitigate compliance risk.

Financial crime is changing fast. Risks are more diversified, regulators are more exacting, and bad actors are more sophisticated than ever before. To confront this threat landscape, professionals need continuous learning.

Prepare for the Future of FinCrime Management


Access to over 200+ hours of webinars, our collection of curated news content including weekly briefs, the monthly ACFCS news roundup and quarterly regulatory updates


Over 30+ live webinars per year, one custom webinar on a topic of your choice per year and quarterly emerging issues micro-modules with learning validation.


Select 2 from a series of 12 on AML and its intersection with other FinCrime topics


You can easily track traning enrollment, track progress, reasssign seats and create real-time reports to satisfy internal requirements and regulatory requests to view learning activity.

What's Included in Elevate?

Choose 2 modules from a series of 12 covering AML and its intersection with other financial crime topics ​​

Our new LMS makes reporting and assignment of training and usage tracking easy​

30+ annually to keep your staff current on the latest trends, regulatory issues, and best practices in FinCrime prevention​

Delivered weekly, reflecting the hottest trends and regulatory actions​

Join professionals in 80+ jurisdictions committed to advancing the fight against FinCrime​

More than 200 hours of ongoing training ​

Created specifically for you on a topic of your choice, up to one hour in length

No Games, No Gimmicks with ACFCS

  • Gain access to live webinars, our full on-demand webinar library, and the enterprise training library
  • Allocate and transfer your own enterprise seats during the term of your membership and upon renewal
  • Pay only for the enterprise seats you use
  • Obtain hands-on, practical information with webinars free of sales pitches
  • Easily maintain your CFCS Certification as well as other certifications with ongoing access to CEU's included as standard
  • Do not become trapped in a spendy ecosystem; CFCS recertification education requirements are fully supported
  • We accept CEUs from your own internal training & other recognized providers
  • Reduce annual expenditures through a cost-effective pricing structure

How Does Elevate support CFCS Certification?

A subscription to the enterprise platform allows learners to be better prepared to take the CFCS certification examination through exposure to a variety of financial crime topics many of which are covered on the CFCS examination. Once certified, the subscription fully supports CEUs needed to maintain the CFCS credential.

What Functionality Does the Elevate learning platform have?

Key LMS Features

  • Review learners' course progress with one click
  • Manage users including adding, reassigning, and deleting
  • Engage users through gamification (coming soon)


 Reporting made easy

  • View enrollments, progress, and completion rates for a course
  • View assessment results
  • Create and showcase reports real-time for regulators and internal reviews

Who is Elevate Right For?​

Any individual with an active interest in Compliance Risk Management or people who have some or all of the responsibility related to Financial Crime Compliance Risk Management both at foundational and more advanced levels.

Banking Institutions
Credit Unions
Law Enforcement Agencies
Money Service Businesses
Security Brokers & Dealers
Insurance Companies
Consulting & Law Firms
Compliance and Risk Managers
Financial Crime Officers
Fraud Managers
Government Regulators
Law Enforcement/Intelligence Units
Internal/External Auditors

The ACFCS Community

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