Using technology to address ongoing regulatory priorities

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WHEN : 05/17/2022 2:00 pm ET

Complimentary webinar, presented by Fiserv

Regulators around the world are focused beyond money laundering and fraud. Human trafficking, drug trafficking, child sexual exploitation, bribery and corruption are all rightly subject to the focus of the regulators. As we fight financial crime our ability to use technology to address this myriad of risks is critical. Managing financial crime risk across the broad set of risks that we face means we can more effectively fight the criminals. Ultimately, addressing all risks means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts with respect to protecting our clients, our institutions and the global financial system.

In this session we will present a holistic view of how technology can help us manage risk. We will provide specific examples of red flags that you need to monitor to identify specific criminal activity.

Key takeaways include:

1. A comprehensive set of capabilities required to manage financial crime risk.

2. A list of red flags to monitor for and identify specific financial crimes.

3. Mapping of technology capabilities to help address regulatory focus, including FinCEN National Priorities, MLD, MAS and FCA.