Navigating the Challenges Around Sanctions Compliance & EDD

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WHEN : 09/27/2021 11:00 pm ET

Complimentary webinar, in partnership with Dow Jones

It is a joint webinar hosted along with Dow Jones. There will be two sessions of 40 minutes each as follows-

1. Navigating the Challenges Around Sanctions Compliance

As the political and economic priorities of global powers and international bodies continually shift, so too does the international sanctions landscape. Many recent sanctions developments, especially the strong global focus on sanctioning human rights abuses, illicit maritime activity and weapon use/proliferation. In light of the complexity and volatility of sanctions risks, awareness and understanding of potential risk exposure is critical for organizations operating in the region.

What are the key challenges associated with sanctions compliance in the APAC region? How can these be overcome to avoid the costly consequences of sanctions breaches? Tune in to to learn more about the shifting sands of sanctions requirements in the region.

2. Importance and challenges of UBO data in Enhanced Due Diligence

With the establishment of and recent changes to global regulations, understanding beneficial ownership for the companies with whom you do business is key to assessing the full picture of risk as financial malintent such as money laundering and terrorist financing would be hidden behind a complex chain of legal entities. FATF and regulators have required financial institutions to identify and screen ultimate beneficial ownerships of their customers. However, validating customer-provided data can be difficult and time-consuming.

In this webinar you will learn:

Economic Sanctions takeaways-

  • Recent developments in global sanctions regulations
  • The regional legal framework around trade compliance and export controls
  • The risks and complexity of sanctioned ownership

Challenges for UBO data in EDD-

  • Overview on regulatory requirements for UBOs
  • The challenges on beneficial ownerships, assessing adverse media and negative news
  • Enhanced Due Diligence, various sources of information and continued monitoring