How North Korea Slips the Sanctions Net – Insights from the UN Panel of Experts Briefing

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WHEN : 09/22/2021 12:30 pm 2:00 pm ET

Complimentary webinar, presented by ACFCS in association with Global Affairs Canada

The third in a five-part series focuses on counter-proliferation financing risks, presented in association with Global Affairs Canada

The presentation provides simultaneous translation into Spanish

Countering sanctions evasion by the self-styled Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea has long been a priority of the financial sector and many governments worldwide. Recent reports that North Korea is re-activating a dormant reactor used for its nuclear weapons program are certain to add urgency, but serious challenges remain.

North Korea still has a wide variety of tools at its disposal to raise funds, conceal transactions and slip the sanctions net. What’s more, the North Korean government and its facilitators are constantly adapting existing methods and adding new ones to their toolkit. This means financial institutions must be equally vigilant and adaptive in their detection and prevention.

In this session, hear insights from the latest United Nations Panel of Experts report on DPRK sanctions, shortly after it’s issued. The presentation will cover:

  • Current techniques being used by the North Korean government to raise funds, conduct trade and move value in contravention of international sanctions
  • New and emerging risk areas in sanctions evasion typologies, including a focus on maritime activity
  • Key considerations for the financial sector
  • And much more

This session is eligible for 1.5 CFCS credits.

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