Envisioning the Future of AML – Proactive Programs, Holistic Views, Digital Channels

Featured Speakers :
WHEN : 08/10/2022 10:00 pm ET

Complimentary webinar, presented by Feedzai

Sydney Time: August 11th – 12noon

For years, the same issues have bedeviled anti-money laundering programs large and small. Institutions took a reactive approach to new regulations, implementing controls and solutions on an ad-hoc basis to keep up with changes. Disconnected systems and bad data quality led to a pile-up of alerts, forcing analysts to slog through false positives to find the suspicious signals in the noise. These challenges have proven easy to diagnose, and much harder to fix.

More recently, the pandemic and rapid shift to digital interactions with customers have scrambled this problematic status quo in AML programs. As institutions revamp how they deliver services through digital channels, they are also rethinking how they manage customer onboarding and customer data to finally achieve a “holistic” view of financial crime risk. Global standard-setting bodies like the Wolfsberg Group have affirmed this approach, recently issuing guidance intended to help institutions build holistic customer profiles in fincrime compliance programs.

Is there an opportunity to innovate after crisis? After years of the financial services industry talking about embracing a holistic approach to AML and fraud, has technology finally progressed enough to make it a reality?

In this lively presentation building off a recent podcast that toured the history of AML compliance, join Sean Ryan, Feedzai’s Head of Financial Crime Strategy for APAC, as he explores what the future has in store for anti-money laundering programs and how to adapt to the key trends reshaping the AML industry. Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for digital customer lifecycle management in the context of AML and fraud programs, building off Wolfsberg Group guidance
  • What a proactive approach to AML compliance actually looks like – and why it matters
  • Key challenges to the holistic view of the customer -from data to privacy considerations – and how to address them
  • And more