Live Q&A: Crime Fighters are Better in Pairs – How AI and Investigators Form the Ideal Partnership for Stopping Financial Crime

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WHEN : 09/10/2020 3:00 pm 3:45 pm ET

Presented by Silent Eight

Live Q&A sessions are focused on answering your questions, rather than formal presentations. Come prepared with your queries and hear extended Q&A with fincrime experts!

Like all great superhero crime fighters, (Batman and Robin, Mulder and Scully, Holmes and Watson) they are made better and more powerful when they join forces. And not just with each other, but with cutting edge technology. It’s no different in the compliance space for investigators and analysts, who daily have to contend with money launderers, human traffickers, and other bad actors trying to break into the financial system.

This live Q&A webinar will provide an examination of current attitudes around AI solutions for compliance, including common assumptions and misconceptions, and how to vet AI vendors (i.e. what to look for and questions to consider).

Specifically, we will speak to the use of AI by humans (analysts, investigators, etc), and how rather than being a threat or “replacement,” in fact AI can be a tool to better equip them within their function, while also enhancing organizational capacity and accuracy.  We will unpack this and more in a lively discussion on what remains a large buzzword: AI.

This session is eligible for 1 CFCS credits.

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