The Next Generation of Financial Crime Training

With a growing number of risks to confront, heightened regulatory expectations to deal with, and rapid technological change, staying informed and upskilled has never been more important for financial crime professionals.

ACFCS is here to help, with a suite of online and live training resources covering AML, cyber risk, corruption, elder abuse and more. Our training offerings include the prestigious CFCS credential, in-depth online coursework for more experienced professionals, introductory courses for front-line staff, and live events to stay current and connected with the latest in financial crime thought leadership.

In all formats, ACFCS training is designed with practical outcomes in mind – To help employees make better decisions at every level of your organization, and change behaviors that lead to better results in financial crime prevention. Learn more about all our resources below.
AML, Fraud, Compliance Training
Compliance Training

Training Courses

Engaging online courses on a wide array of financial compliance topics

Finance Webinars

Live Webinars

Stay current on the latest risks and developments in fincrime

Certification AML

CFCS Certification

The only certification to cover the full spectrum of financial crime

Financial Compliance Events and Live Training

Live Events

Learn from thought leaders, connect with peers

On-Demand Webinars

On Demand Webinars

A deep library of past webinars for ACFCS members

Group Training for Compliance

Group Training

Obtain high-quality, practical training for your team and mitigate risk to your organization

High-quality, Up to Date Content

Training You Can Trust

Our training is developed by subject matter experts and supported by input from a global member community, including compliance officers, law enforcement agents and regulators in over 80 countries. Member feedback enables us to deliver training that is responsive to the latest issues and in tune with industry needs.

The Full Spectrum

Know More, Mitigate Risk

Today’s broad risk landscape requires diversified skills in financial crime prevention. ACFCS online training, webinars and live events are essential tools to build well-rounded professionals, able to spot more fincrime threats and protect their organizations more effectively.

Enhance Your Training & Save

Cost Savings

ACFCS recognizes that tight budgets are a reality in the field of financial crime prevention. That’s why our solutions are competitively priced compared to other providers, and adaptable to meet your needs – Including modular courses, substantial group discounts and customizable live and online training.
Event Training