Financial Crime Essentials Course

This one-hour overview course covers 12 key areas of the financial crime landscape, including money laundering, fraud, corruption and more. It features interactive elements and industry expert interviews. It is ideal for entry-level Employees, Students, And Front-Line Staff.

AML 360 Certificate Program

This one-hour training provides a brief overview of this important legislation, covering key FATCA elements, compliance best practices and considerations, and more.


Certification Prep

The CFCS Online Exam Preparation Course can be taken live online or on-demand. This course is available to those who have purchased the CFCS Certification Package.

FCPA & Anti-Corruption
Essentials online Training

This one-hour training provides an overview of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) including essential provisions, key elements of anti-corruption compliance and more.

Elder Financial Abuse Training

Many financial institutions are eager to train their staff to respond appropriately to the growing threat of elder financial abuse – even in jurisdictions where training and reporting are not mandatory. Employees often care deeply about the people they serve, and when they see a client subjected to financial abuse, they want to help.