Not only is it the one certification that gives your team advanced skills to fight the broadest range of fincrime, it makes getting and maintaining those skills remarkably easy for both learners and administrators.

Through membership, live and on-demand training, as well as the Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) certification, ACFCS enables effective individual performance while helping organizations mitigate financial crime risk.

Stay ahead of ALL financial crime!

CFCS prepares you to stay ahead of all fincrime, equipping your team with the skills and knowledge to anticipate and defeat fincrime on all fronts:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Investigations
  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Sanctions
  • Asset recovery
  • Tax evasion
  • Ethics
  • AML
  • Compliance Programs
  • International Standards
  • Terrorist Financing

Ongoing training to keep all levels of your team current on regulatory developments and emerging risks:

  • Training for entry, intermediate and advanced levels            
  • Adaptable throughout every level of an employee’s career
  • Builds an effective and robust three lines of defence
  • 40+ webinars per year and discounted access to multi-day workshops

CFCS is the first to offer role-based training as part of an enterprise license:

  • Customized enterprise-wide training program development.
  • Easier to demonstrate compliance with regulatory strategies (e.g., FinCEN priorities).
  • Develop entry and mastery skillsets, and demonstrate competency.
  • Individuals can demonstrate competency for specific skill sets for career advancement.

You’ll receive updates on cutting edge trends and technology to anticipate future fincrime:

  • Emerging issues modules published as needed.
  • Weekly industry tips/tricks.
  • Monthly Financial Crime 360.
  • News briefs.

Your organization can minimize regulatory issues or enforcement actions:

  • CFCS content effectively covers all areas of financial crime as mandated by regulations.
  • Off-the shelf solutions can easily be customizable and meet regulatory requirements to be role-based.

The CFCS learning management system makes it easy for learners and administrators:

  • A smooth and intuitive interface.
  • Role-based learning plans.
  • Easy to use reporting tools to gather critical information for compliance.
  • Mobile friendly.

When you partner with ACFCS, you will receive exceptional support from our team of industry leading customer service and training personnel.

  • Our strong customer service allows for a more precise learning experience and satisfaction.
  • Administrative support, including reporting on demand.
  • Exceptional customer support with tailored programs to meet your employee training needs.

ACFCS solutions are designed to strengthen your institution’s ability to produce artifacts/exhibits for audit, regulators and senior management; increasing stakeholder confidence.