Key Qualities of a Successful AML Program in the Next Wave of FinCrime Compliance

To deal with an increasingly complex and interconnected financial crime landscape, sometimes it helps to go back to basics. The pillars of an effective AML compliance program haven’t changed much in recent years, but how they are applied and areas of priority have shifted in response to emerging illicit threats, tech trends and regulatory priorities.

In this CrimeCast, we sit down with Micah Willabrand, VP of Product with Jumio, for a wide-ranging conversation on the building blocks of a successful AML program in the midst of the “fourth wave” of change in compliance programs. Tune in to learn:

  • How AML compliance programs have been forced to adapt and re-prioritize in light of rapid digital adoption
  • Why the risk-based approach is still so essential for guiding AML programs, and where it can still fall short
  • The biggest mistakes companies make in their training for employees
  • And much more