FinCrime Career Tips – Share Your Advice, Share Your Story, Support the Community

For those looking to build a career in the world of financial crime compliance and prevention, it’s been a long strange year. How can you take the first steps launching a career in the midst of a pandemic? And for those already working, how can you continue to develop professionally and take it to the next level?

There may not be easy answers to these questions, but it helps to have guidance from professionals who have been in the trenches. That’s why ACFCS is launching FinCrime Career Tips, a new monthly feature highlighting career advice submitted by our members.

Our community is full of wisdom and practical insights, and we want to hear from you!

How It Works

Each quarter, ACFCS is asking its members for advice on various aspects of fincrime careers, from getting your foot in the door to finding a mentor. This quarter, we’re focused on guidance for launching a career – everything from what motivated you to seek out a role in fincrime prevention, to where you’re seeing hiring opportunities and more.

 Click the form below to view the questions and submit your answers. We’ll gather responses and share them back with our member community next month. Three participants will receive one year of complimentary ACFCS members (added to your existing membership for current members).

  • Submissions accepted from March 1st to March 31st
  • Please limit responses to each question to 400 words or less (you can choose to answer any number of questions)
  • Submissions will be shared with ACFCS members in a new Tips and Tricks weekly email and on the ACFCS website
  • Three individuals will be chosen to receive one year of complimentary ACFCS membership
  • You can choose to remain anonymous or have your name shared when submissions are published

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