Crypto Crime: A Look at What Happened in 2020

As anyone who followed the price of Bitcoin over the past year can attest, 2020 has been a wild ride for cryptocurrencies. That extends to the illicit use of crypto as well, with new trends emerging in the past twelve months, alongside variations of tried and true criminal techniques.

In this episode of the Financial CrimeCast, ACFCS sits down with Chainalysis Head of Research Kim Grauer to detail the recently published 2021 Chainalysis Crypto Crime Report. Drawing from Chainalysis blockchain analytics and datasets, Kim describes the most interesting trends she found in her research, including insights on hacks, darknet markets, and ransomware.

The episode explores questions like “Why were there so many hacks in 2020?” and “How did the techniques of prominent state-sponsored actors evolve last year?” Kim also shares her most notable cases from the past year, ranging from North Korean crypto crime to domestic extremism in the US.

Download the Chainalysis 2021 State of Crypto Crime Report