Building a Better Financial Crime Fighting Community


Our Story

ACFCS was conceptualized by a group of esteemed representatives from regulatory, law enforcement, banking, securities firms and other institutions who concluded that financial crime prevention certifications and training were ready to evolve to meet the new reality of financial crime. They embraced the need for training with a broader focus, AML knowledge was no longer enough.

The result: ACFCS was borne along with its Certified Financial Crime Specialist, CFCS, examination covering a robust AML training program in addition to addressing cyber-crimes, fraud, bribery, corruption, tax evasion, sanctions, terrorist financing, compliance programs, asset recovery, crypto crimes, and investigations.

ACFCS Financial Crime AML Training Event

Our Purpose

At ACFCS our purpose is to be builders of a stronger financial crime community. To do this, we place members and the financial crime fighting community at the center of our world. We take a collaborative approach to create meaningful training arming financial crime fighters with the tools needed to see the world through the eyes of criminal risks they are trying to counter.

We engage with the community through our webinars, events and our new quarterly CFCS scholarship program where we award ten CFCS certifications to those who make a true difference with the work they do. 

Our Culture

We thrive in an environment designed to produce optimal decision making under the circumstances by enabling the best thinking by all team members. We do this by creating a culture that promotes psychological safety, candor, confronting brutal facts and permission for all to speak freely. Transparency, open-mindedness, having your voice heard regardless of position, reflective listening and the belief in a collective intelligence are highly valued. With an entrepreneurial, innovative and agile environment we seek to build a better working environment that in turn builds a stronger financial crime fighting community.


ACFCS President, Joseph Yerant
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Joseph Yerant,
ACFCS President

Key Team Members