True Tales of the T-men Part I: Following the money to combat organized crime

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WHEN : 01/30/2020 1:00 pm 2:00 pm ET

A special four-part ACFCS on the early financial crime fighters at the US Treasury, from Elmer Irey’s T-Men using tax laws to counter organized crime and money laundering to the fore-bearers of SARs, presented by Paul Camacho

Part I:  Harnessing the power of following the money to combat organized crime – 1919 to 1933

Prohibition created a era for organized crime. The unpopular law created a huge demand for illegal booze and organized crime capitalized on it. 

The public welcomed the speakeasies and the free-flowing alcohol, but when the greed of gangsters eagerly put them in the racket business, forcing citizens to pay tribute on daily commerce, the government was forced to take action.   

The kingpins used their minions to do much of the dirty work, insulating them from the crime. Ingeniously, Treasury rolled out a powerful new weapon to unsheathe against the criminal elite by creatively using the income tax laws.  

But for these early successes, that would set the foundation for financial crime investigations for decades to come, none of it would have been possible if it not for a small band of elite crime fighters led by one of most successful federal law enforcement leaders in U.S. history: the legendary and incorruptible Elmer Lincoln Irey.  

America loved him. J. Edgar Hoover hated him. During the raucous period when gangsters reigned supreme and thought themselves invincible, the once mighty Al Capone and Waxey Gorden fell to Elmer Irey’s financial sleuths. 

The T-men even solved the one of the most oft-mentioned mysteries of the modern era: the Lindberg baby kidnapping.  

Attendee learning goals:

  • Learn lessons from the formation of the intelligence Unit, which morphed into IRS Criminal Investigation, and the father of forensic accounting, Elmer Irey
  • Better understand organized crime rackets and how the government turned to the Intelligence Unit to combat them.
  • Learn about the challenges faced by the Intelligence Unit on the Al Capone investigation and how they overcome them, with investigative lessons relevant to today.
  • Understand how the Intelligence unit laid the trap in the apprehension of the Lindberg Baby kidnapper
  • Find out the secrets behind the intelligence unit’s successful drive to combat organized crime in New York.