Product Spotlight – Investigating Emerging Money Laundering Typologies in Latin America and the United States Using Public Data

Featured Speakers :
WHEN : 09/01/2022 1:00 pm ET

Complimentary webinar, presented by Sayari

In this pre-recorded complimentary session, Sayari’s Senior Latin America Analyst Bjorn Kjelstad discusses how publicly available information can be used to better understand and ultimately target transnational drug trafficking and money laundering networks.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Common typologies of Asian money laundering organization operating in Latin America and the US
  2. What recent judicial cases in the U.S tell us about how these networks operate
  3. Public records investigation of a recently adjudicated U.S. Federal case involving an Asian money laundering network spanning Central America, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, and the U.S.