Live Q&A – How to be Bionic: Deploying FinCrime Tech Solutions to Best Fit Your Enterprise

Featured Speakers :
WHEN : 08/27/2020 10:00 am 10:30 am ET

Live Q&A sessions are focused on answering your questions, rather than formal presentations. Come prepared with your queries and hear extended Q&A with fincrime experts!

To ensure success when you choose automated solutions, the team at Socure will advise how to assure the best fit for your org’s systems and culture. Let’s take a page from bionic engineering, which is the construction of artificial parts that have some of the characteristics of living systems.

We all want solutions that fit an enterprise as organically as possible so think through this lens and let’s talk in this live Q&A webinar about:

  • ins and outs of technical integration
  • user adoption strategies
  • overall effective deployment of fincrime innovations

This session is eligible for 1 CFCS credits.

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