Tiffany Johnston

Tiffany Johnston (Communications Director) is the Chief of Staff at BlockCerts Blockchain.  She manages the Global Channel Partners located in four continents and eight countries as well as overseeing the operational support for Client Services in North America, Africa, and the Middle East. 

Ms. Johnston has been in the blockchain industry for over 4 years and is considered as one of the women pioneers in this space, she has been working with clients in the fintech, mortgage and NFT projects for the betterment of women in India and the US through Web3.0 technologies.

She was a financial advisor, trained in Wall Street and served her clients in San Francisco for over a decade before transitioning into the Tech industry as a Senior Client Services Consultant in the Bay Area.

She consulted SMEs on their corporate transition from traditional telecom systems into a VOIP network infrastructure which involves systems integration in corporate communication and security.  She worked with Siemens, Nortel and Cisco in transforming dozens of SMEs from traditional telephone platforms to VOIP, internet-based communication platforms.

Ms. Johnston also served in the US Air Force as a Command-and-Control Specialist in Germany, a subdivision of USAF-European Intelligence for Air Command.  She managed the operational support for Top Secret USAF missions in Europe and Africa. She held a Top Secret-SBI clearance while serving in Germany.

Ms. Johnston has a B.A. in Economics & Finance from UC Santa Barbara and a Project Management Certificate from UC San Diego.  She is a frequent Guest Lecturer on Blockchain Technology at Nazarene University, San Diego.