Sponsor a Chapter

Are you looking for more exposure to a unique market of professionals in the private and public sector?

Do you want to link your brand to a growing membership for an internationally recognized organization?

If you are looking for this opportunity, you may be a great fit for an ACFCS CHAPTER SPONSOR. As a sponsor for this local organization; which is regionally established and comprised of professionals in the area, you will be a viable supporter and ensure the local Chapter is able to provide thought leadership, training and great networking. Chapters are designed to develop educational programs and forums for discussion that promote the overall mission of ACFCS – to improve financial crime detection and prevention by sharing best practices and leveraging skills across the fields at a very reasonable price seeing Chapters operate on a break-even concept.

A key goal of ACFCS chapters is to host events that provide opportunities for members to connect with one another, stay up-to-date on issues in the financial crime field, and augment their knowledge and skills. Funding for the events must be provided by the chapter through sponsorship or budgeted funds.

Becoming a CHAPTER SPONSOR provides many benefits for your organization, such as:
  • Low cost advertising
  • Portrays continued investment and involvement within your community
  • Helps to build your company’s credibility and educates the public about your products and services
  • Targets a variety of demographics therefore providing a broader marketing investment
  • Awareness of community members to sample your product or demonstrate your new product or service
Chapters working with sponsors have a genuine interest because the partnership will benefit both organizations. Investment by both sides is a win-win situation which shows community responsibility as well as corporate social responsibility.

Sponsors are welcome to provides lunches at networking sessions, money towards venues and guest speakers or providing a venue itself. Sponsors are welcome to display banners and handout materials as well as being mentioned as the provider for the sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about our CHAPTER SPONSORSHIP or would like to sponsor an event, please email us at chapters@acfcs.org.