Rick Cadenas

Rick Cadenas (Programming Director) is an international tax lawyer who holds a J.D. (N.Y. Law School), LL.M. (Boston U. Law School) and who is a certified Charter Member of ACFCS. He has vast experience in handling domestic and international legal controversies, including civil, criminal and international tax matters dating back to 1980’s when he worked as a government lawyer.  In the private sector, he also served as counsel to a securities Broker-Dealer that syndicated multi-million-dollar real estate, health care and other limited partnerships in Florida.

Over the past thirty years, he has worked in the Office of Associate Chief Counsel IRS (International) in Washington D.C.  As a Branch Chief, he supervises a group of lawyers responsible for working with U.S. Treasury, IRS and DOJ and interacting with foreign governments in exchange of information programs, tax treaties, FATCA, and mutual legal Assistance treaties (MLAT’s).  He has represented his office on the U.S. Treasury delegation at meetings in Paris at the OECD Working Party 10 (Tax Avoidance and Evasion). He has handled presentations on international tax enforcement matters throughout the U.S., and overseas, including Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, and the Russian Republic.  He has also served as the lead Chief Counsel negotiator for several Tax Information Exchange Agreements with global Offshore Financial Centers. He and his team are government experts in handling and coordinating federal tax matters impacting U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico, Guam and USVI.  Rick is proficient in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.