Rajkumar Shriwastav

Aliya Khan, BMO Financial Group

Rajkumar Shriwastav (Chapter Advisor) is Partner at SK Vestigium LLP and Advisor for Protiviti India Member Firm. He is a former law enforcement officer. Rajkumar has worked with Deloitte, EY, and Citibank NA. He has a total of over 31 years of investigation experience. He is a decorated officer, honored with Insignia, multiple rewards and commendations while serving with Indian Police.

In his role, he has managed and led high-profile fraud investigation assignments in sectors such as banking, aviation, entertainment, automobile, retail, and other industries.  He has played a significant role in pioneering asset tracing investigation. He provides legal and law enforcement support to his clients. He has assisted his clients with workplace sexual harassment investigation cases in India and abroad.

He, along with his colleague in July 2018, founded a Partnership Firm SK Vestigium LLP. He assisted Fortune500 companies, MNCs, and large local companies with various forensic solutions.  While working with EY as one of the Directors, he has successfully set up a high performing team with diverse competencies for fraud investigation and asset tracing.  He played a vital role in setting up a vigilance framework during his tenure as Vice President-Vigilance at Citibank NA. During his tenure with Deloitte, he had set up field investigation teams across India. While serving with law enforcement agencies, he unearthed high profile scams, investigated corruption & bribery cases, and successfully secured convictions against the perpetrators indulged in such misconducts.