Live and On-Demand Financial Crime Training

ACFCS offers its members and the worldwide financial crime community an array of information and training products and services, as well as a global community of financial crime specialists with whom members may network and exchange ideas and solutions to common challenges.

ACFCS training products, webinars and content are designed to improve immediate outcomes and change behavior that has direct connections to compliance decision-making and the depth, richness and accuracy of investigations, reports and, ultimately, intelligence for law enforcement. Under the ACFCS mantra, employees can make better decisions at every level of your program, including more accurate customer risk assessments, better choices to file, or not to file, suspicious activity reports and more relevant final reports to regulators and investigators.


Live Webinars

Top financial crime experts share their knowledge and best practices with you on vital topics and emerging issues during complimentary and members-only webinars. Learn More >

On-Demand Webinars

ACFCS Members have access to a full library of on-demand webinars spanning the full financial crime spectrum, on-demand webinars also include downloadable presentations. Learn More >

Certification Prep

The CFCS Online Exam Preparation Course can be taken live online or on-demand. This course is available to those who have purchased the CFCS Certification Package. Learn More >


Financial crime essentials course

This one-hour overview course covers 12 key areas of the financial crime landscape, including money laundering, fraud, corruption and more. It features interactive elements and industry expert interviews. It is ideal for entry-level employees, students, and front-line staff.  Learn More >

Flag the moneY  

Flag the Money™ will breathe new life into your compliance strategy for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing. Whether you’re training one new part-time employee or a global network of staff and agents, these award-winning programs will put success at your fingertips. Learn More >


AML 360

AML 360 is an extensive, online training course built for this new reality of financial crime. It starts with an in-depth review of foundational AML training topics and best practices, then goes beyond to cover the intersections of money laundering with cybercrime, corruption, tax evasion and fraud. Over 7 hours or interactive training, and CFCS Credits. Learn More > 

FATCA Complete Online Training

This five-hour training provides a comprehensive overview of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) including proper implementation, IRS reporting and more. Learn More >

FATCA Essentials Online Training

This one-hour training provides a brief overview of this important legislation, covering key FATCA elements, compliance best practices and considerations, and more. Learn More >

FCPA & Anti-Corruption Complete Online Training

This three-hour training provides a comprehensive overview of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) including FCPA history, anti-corruption compliance and more. Learn More >


FCPA & Anti-Corruption Essentials ONLINE TRAINING

This one-hour training provides an overview of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) including essential provisions, key elements of anti-corruption compliance and more.  Learn More > 

Cyber Security

Lean about the most common cybercrime threats and techniques, the behaviors that make you vulnerable to attack, and best practices in cyber hygiene and that will keep you and your organization protected. Learn More

elder abuse training

Many financial institutions are eager to train their staff to respond appropriately to the growing threat of elder financial abuse – even in jurisdictions where training and reporting is not mandatory. Employees often care deeply about the people they serve, and when they see a client subjected to financial abuse, they want to help. Learn More >

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