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“I was impressed by the breadth of the exam. It is not US-centric or based just on money laundering.” Juan Ducali, CFCS, CAMS, Senior Compliance Officer, United Nations Federal Credit Union, New York

“The exam is far-reaching. I love that the questions are scenario-based. I recommend it to anyone in the financial crime detection and prevention professions.” Becki LaPorte, CFCS, CAMS, Lead Compliance Trainer, FINRA®, Member Regulation Training, Washington, DC

“The scope and content of the exam is top notch and reflects the complexities of financial crime today.” Ron King, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Scotiabank, Toronto

“The exam covers the gamut of topics relevant to money laundering and financial crime from investigative and compliance perspectives. It should be a great measure of overall knowledge in financial crime and money laundering.” Senior Special Agent for a US Law Enforcement Agency, Financial Division, Miami

“The exam tests one’s ability to apply concepts in practical scenarios. Passing it can be a great asset for professionals in the converging disciplines of financial crime.” Morris Guy, CFCS, Royal Bank of Canada, Montréal

“It is a vigorous exam. Anyone passing it should have a great sense of achievement.” Daniel Dwain, CFCS, Senior Compliance Officer, Cidel Bank & Trust Inc. New York

“It was my goal to acquire my CFCS certification this year as I believe it will become the benchmark for financial crime specialists worldwide. I am very proud to add CFCS to my professional credentials.” Glen Stover, CAMS, Scotiabank, Director, Anti-Money Laundering Unit, Group Compliance, Toronto

The CFCS exam tests the skills necessary to fight financial crime. It is comprehensive. Passing it should be considered a mark of high achievement, distinguishing qualified experts in this growing specialty area.” Kenneth E. Barden, JD, Washington

“This certification comes at a very ripe time. Professionals can no longer get away with having siloed knowledge. Compliance is all-encompassing and enterprise-driven.” Katya Hirose, CFCS, CAMS, CFE, CSAR, Director, Global Risk & Investigations Practice, FTI Consulting, Los Angeles

“The exam is one of more comprehensive measurements I’ve seen of the ability to conduct investigations, recover assets and operate ethically on an international playing field.” Steven Rambam, CFE, CPP, PSP, PCI, Director, Pallorium, New York

“The exam provides an essential combination of financial crime components, which have not been addressed before in a unified way. It helps ensure that qualified individuals can undertake complex investigations and possess the skills for a successful outcome.” John Lash, CAMS, CFE, PMP, Cowheard, Singer, & Company, P.A., Miami

“CFCS will open career paths in all global industries. The title of CFCS will become the ultimate risk management and compliance certification.” Gloria J. Humphreys, CFCS, VP, Wealth Management Officer, Progressive Bank, Monroe, LA

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