ACFCS Launches Sixth Edition of CFCS Study Manual
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With Improved Format, New Material and Timely Content Updates


ACFCS is committed to delivering high-quality resources that prepare you for success on the certification examination. As the Study Manual is your first and best resource to excel on the exam, we are very pleased to announce a new and substantially improved Sixth Edition, to be released on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019. 

The latest edition introduces a number of changes and enhancements to the Study Manual:

  • New and Improved Format – The Manual has been updated to a two-column format that is easier to read and user-friendly for the candidate.  
  • Additional Images and Graphics – Informative charts, photos and graphics have been added throughout the Manual to illustrate key points and augment the written content.
  • New Section on Human Trafficking – In light of this rising financial crime threat, ACFCS has added a new section covering human trafficking typologies, red flags, and more. This new section can be found starting on page 208.
  • New Section on Internal Fraud – Insider threats can be as harmful as external bad actors. In light of this, ACFCS has added a new section covering methods to detect and prevent internal fraud. This content can be found starting on page 72.
  • Updated and Expanded Section on Fraud in Financial Reporting – This section enhances the coverage of fraudulent revenue recognition, false invoicing schemes, and more. It can be found starting on page 68.
  • Updated Section on Customer Due Diligence – Given the growing importance and regulatory focus on CDD, this section has been expanded and updated to reflect regulatory expectations. It can be found starting on page 226.
  • Updated and Expanded Section on Suspicious Activity/Transaction Reporting – This section provides additional coverage of best practices and regulatory expectations for SAR/STR reporting programs. It can be found starting on page 231.


For current candidates: PLEASE NOTE that the current edition of the manual, the Fifth Edition, will be replaced on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. 

If you are using the manual for your studies, please mark down your current topic area, then find that section of the Sixth Edition when it becomes available. The page numbering will have changed between the two editions, so content areas will not have the same page number in the new edition.

The certification exam itself has not changed. If you are near your scheduled exam date and have used the Fifth Edition to prepare, don’t worry – The Fifth Edition remains a comprehensive and fully adequate resource to prep you. You may want to review some of the new and updated content areas in the Sixth Edition, but it’s not required to be ready for the exam.

None of the other prep materials have been updated at this time, though ACFCS has some exciting enhancements in store for the near future, including an audiobook, flashcards and more. Look for further announcements on these shortly.

Thanks again for being a part of the CFCS community, and don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with questions or feedback. Best of luck preparing for the CFCS exam! 


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