Group Certification
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There's safety in numbers
CFCS Certification offers multiple benefits to organizations and employers. By certifying your entire team, you validate employee financial crime skill and technical competency. You also reduce financial crime risk and reputational harm to your company and clients.

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Whether it’s cyber fraudsters or human traffickers, corrupt officials or tax evaders, financial crime professionals are facing a wider and more complex landscape of risks and threats than ever before. The Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) credential is the only certification to respond to this need for professionals with diverse skills and broad-based knowledge across the financial crime spectrum.

With group certification for your team you help prevent financial crime risk and reputational harm while ensuring your employees are well versed in the complexities of financial crime prevention.

Diverse risks require diverse solutions 
Experts in the financial crimes sector constantly warn about the idea of “convergence.” What they mean is that financial crimes don’t only occur within the strict confines of the accounting or financial analyst fields. Every person in your organization is at risk and should be trained to serve as a guardian.

We offer an all-encompassing solution that trains and certifies each individual in your organization to become
an empowered guardian. Our training creates a broad understanding of financial crimes and equips every
individual to increase his or her professional skills while better protecting your company and your clients. 

Setting standards for compliance 
We provide your company with comprehensive reports on employee activity and content usage as they
complete their training. This enables the training team to accurately track progress by employee and is a
powerful proof point to regulators and investors that you have an enterprise-wide approach to financial crime
detection and prevention.

You know our enterprise clients
We work with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and public sector agencies to provide enterprise-wide training and certification. In each case, we’ve helped our partner design and implement a solution that fits their unique needs. Let's get started. 


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