Flag the Money for Senior Executives
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Flag the Money for Executives is a highly engaging 35‑minute online course that gives senior management just the right amount of information so they can effectively oversee the anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (ATF) program within their financial institution.

After building a strong foundation of AML and ATF knowledge through drama, interviews with experts, and interactive exercises, the course focuses on specific information that executives need from the compliance officer to ensure that their AML/ATF program meets or exceeds legal and social obligations while protecting the financial institution’s assets and reputation.

This concise 35-minute online course includes:

·  Carl’s Story – an award-winning video about a gang of money-laundering criminals

·  interviews with industry experts – including bankers, law enforcement and journalists

·  interactive exercises – with detailed feedback on student responses

·  excerpts from regulations – to help keep up-to-date with legislative requirements

·  checklist of questions to ask the compliance officer – available as a printable PDF

Compliance officers can track participants’ progress and have access to detailed reports. This cost‑effective and efficient training provides senior management with the information and resources they need to fulfill their oversight of the AML/ATF compliance program. Use this course as is or consider some level of customization – from adding your logo to tailoring the content with your own policies and procedures. We’ll be glad to work with your compliance team to produce a customized version of Flag the Money that fits your budget. Our staff is here to provide timely support for you and your organization throughout the training cycle.

Training Details

Executives will Learn:

  • How money laundering and terrorist financing work
  • Measures used to control the risks through legislation and enforcement bodies
  • What they can do to effectively reduce their exposure to potential money laundering and terrorist financing
  • About government agencies associated with money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Key principles of a risk-based approach to AML and ATF
  • Organizational and personal liability
  • The questions executives should ask about the main elements of their compliance regime

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