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Registering to take and pass the exam is a commitment, and we’ve built our study materials to help you succeed. When you register for the CFCS exam, the following materials are included: Prep Webinar Series, Online Prep Course, Study Manual, Practice Test, and the Guidance and Tips Package. We have also created a 8 week study plan that you can use to get started. 

The CFCS Study Manual is the first and best resource for your prep. It includes more than 350 pages covering the 12 content areas tested on the exam. The Practice Test features about 100 questions that reflect the scenario-based items found on the exam itself.

The CFCS Prep Webinars and the Online Prep Course are highly valuable resources. By joining the prep webinar, or completing the Online Prep Course you are significantly increasing your chances of passing the exam.

The material covered is the same in the Online Prep Course and Prep webinar, but the two provide an alternate training method for candidates who prefer webinar-based instruction vs. on-demand course instruction.

Both the online course and webinars follow the Study Manual, and covers the most pressing risks, challenges and tasks in financial crime.

CFCS Prep Webinars are offered on a quarterly basis, the webinars provide nine hours of guidance on the content and concepts included on the CFCS exam. The next CFCS live online prep can be found and registered for here. (You must be logged in to your CFCS Candidate account to view the page/register)

During the webinar, each topic is discussed in detail and allows for attendees to ask their own questions to the instructor. The webinars are conducted in three sessions, over three days. They are live and interactive, allowing participants the chance to ask the presenters their questions. Numerous practice questions, test-taking tips and insights to excel on the exam are provided throughout.

Please note: The CFCS Prep Webinar is only accessible by those who have purchased the CFCS Certification Package. If you have purchased the CFCS Certification Package, Click here to login and register for the next CFCS Exam Prep Webinar. If you have not purchased the CFCS Certification Package, and would like to purchase the Webinars without the Certification, contact us at:

The Online Prep Course offers in-depth coverage of the content and concepts included on the CFCS exam. The courses’ 12 chapters cover the key areas tested on the exam, including Compliance Programs, Money Laundering, Fraud, Anti-Corruption, Cybersecurity, Tax Evasion and more.

Dozens of video interviews with noted financial crime experts provide real-world insights and enliven the course content throughout. The course also guides attendees through more than 50 practice questions and equips attendees with test-taking tips and insights needed to excel.

The Online Prep Course is included as part of the certification package, and can be accessed online at any time after candidates register. The course is entirely self-paced and can be completed at the candidate’s discretion.

Learn more about the Online Exam Preparation Course

The Study Manual is your primary resource to prepare for the CFCS exam, and a great tool to gain knowledge on the financial crime field in general. Over 350 pages, the Manual explores the 12 areas that compose the financial crime landscape, including money laundering, fraud, corruption, cybersecurity, tax evasion and more. The Study Manual also includes about 20 practice questions and rationales that help candidates understand how to approach exam questions, and links and references for additional reading.

The 72 questions on this practice exam are designed to reflect the content and structure of actual exam questions. Candidates can take the exam as many times as they like, at their own pace. It is a very useful way to identify areas where further study may be required, check a candidate’s progress, and gauge readiness for the certification exam. If candidates are timing themselves based on the amount of time allotted for the actual exam, the practice test should take two hours to complete.

The CFCS prep package provided to all candidates comes with several supporting documents and tools to maximize your studies. This include Tips to Prepare and Pass, which summarizes some key hints, content areas to focus on, and external references that are useful for the exam. It also includes a orientation video that walks candidates through the prep resources available, a sample study plan, and guidance on how to schedule your examination.


There are no set rules on how to prepare for the exam – some candidates have condensed their preparation into a few weeks, others have spaced it out over several months. You can download our CFCS Study Plan below, that is based on eight weeks of study. 

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