CFCS 2.0 Exam and Prep Materials

We are excited to announce our new and improved CFCS 2.0 Exam, available to all candidates on March 2018. For the past several months, a team of experts drawn from ACFCS members and certified individuals have worked to update and strengthen the CFCS examination.

This was a multi-step process, starting with extensive work by a team of subject matter experts on the Exam Review Committee, who identified, revised and validated exam questions. Over 70 financial crime professionals then took a “beta” version of the exam and provided feedback to improve it further. 

To coincide with the new exam, ACFCS has expanded and overhauled its prep materials, with entirely new resources and big changes to existing ones. Collectively, these changes represent the most significant improvement to the CFCS since its inception in 2013. 

What's Different About CFCS 2.0?

  • New and Improved Exam Questions - About half of all exam questions are revised or newly written.
  • Updated Topic Areas – The exam and prep materials have been modernized to cover current issues like beneficial ownership, cryptocurrencies, trends in terrorist financing, cybercrime typologies, and more.
  • Enhanced Prep Materials – A new 11-hour online prep course, expanded Study Manual, new practice test items, and more are now available to CFCS candidates.
  • A Better, Fairer Exam – Questions identified as low-performing, outdated or problematic have been removed or revised. 

To learn more about updates to the prep materials, please click here. CFCS candidates can still take the current version of the exam until April 30, 2018.

Ready to start your journey to becoming CFCS-certified? Visit our certification registration page and get started today. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team:


Improved Prep Materials to Help You Pass the Exam

To coincide with the launch of the CFCS 2.0 exam, ACFCS has updated and overhauled the CFCS Exam Prep Materials, including: 

  • An extensive 5th Edition of the Study Manual with over 50 pages of new content on topics like digital currencies, terrorist financing, cybercrime trends and much more. 
  • A brand new CFCS Online Prep Course that provides 11 hours of in-depth review, complemented by practice questions and video interviews with subject matter experts
  • Over 40 new items in the Online Practice Exam 
  • CFCS Guidance and Tips, including a new 8-week study planner
  • Updated CFCS Prep Webinars, both live and recorded 

Together, these changes represent the most significant expansion of resources for candidates since the launch of the CFCS certification. Learn more about the key improvements to the prep materials.

Ready to get certified but not sure where to start? While there are no set rules on how to prepare for the exam, ACFCS has laid out a suggested 8-week guide. Download our CFCS Study Plan to get started.

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